Introduction and the Doctrine of Revelation

Course code T1.1


This course sets the stage for the programme of theological study at Emmanuel Training and Resources. It begins with two seminars on the attitudes required when approaching theological study, before turning to the subject of prayer. It then covers the doctrine of revelation, including both God's natural revelation in the created order and his special revelation in Scripture.

This course consists of five 2-hour seminars over a period of approximately 3 months. Each seminar requires approximately 2 to 4 hours of preparation, which involves reading portions of the set texts. Study questions are provided to assist with your preparation and to encourage further reflection. The seminars then provide an opportunity for further discussion and teaching, exploring issues raised in the preparation.

Schedule: Five seminars, beginning in April 2017.

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Topics covered in this course include:

The following books and articles will be used:


The fees for this course are £50 (£10 per seminar), including all course materials. A 50% reduction is available for students in full-time education, and for retired or unwaged people.

Please contact us if these fees would present a problem for you, as additional bursaries may be available.

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