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Biblical and Theological Training at Emmanuel

Theological Training for Everyone

Our mission is to make high-quality theological training and resources available to Christians everywhere. Our courses are designed for anyone willing to commit a few hours per week to dig deeper into the riches of God's word.

Most theological training courses are extremely expensive, with high fees and other hidden costs. Even part-time courses can be inflexible, requiring a long-term commitment and even relocation, and it's often impossible to train whilst continuing full-time work. As a result, many people find it impossible to undertake serious theological study.

Our courses are designed to avoid these problems. All of our courses are:

Philosophy of Teaching

Many biblical training courses begin at a very basic level, assuming little or no prior knowledge of the material being studied. As a result, they often spend a great deal of time on introductory issues, making very little further progress.

This doesn't sound like the best use of anyone’s time. Why would you want to come to a seminar just to be told a bunch of things that you could probably have figured out for yourself?

The courses at Emmanuel Training and Resources are designed to teach you things that you couldn’t easily discover for yourself. Students complete 2 to 4 hours of preparation before each seminar, which allows us to move quickly past introductory matters and dig deeper into the Scriptures.

This preparation often raises questions that you won't be able to answer by yourself. This is deliberate: the preparation is designed to raise challenging and intriguing issues for discussion during the seminars.

Each seminar lasts 2 hours, and is led by Steve Jeffery, Minister at Emmanuel Evangelical Church, North London. The seminars provide an opportunity to address the questions raised during your preparation and explore complex issues in more detail in the context of interaction with other students.

Student Feedback

Before you spend your precious time and hard-earned cash on a theological training course, you’d be wise to find out what previous students thought about it. Some of our previous students have been kind enough to give the insider’s view.

I’ve spent the last year on the course and it has helped me learn so much - even on subjects I thought I had a good handle on. If you want to grow in your understanding of the historic Christian faith, I cannot recommend it highly enough. Well worth the investment.
Douglas K. Adu-Boahen

I really enjoyed digging deeper into theological issues, and gaining a greater biblical grounding for my beliefs. The tutorials have given me a fuller picture of God and his plan through history, which has in turn helped with my own personal Bible reading. It was also really useful to talk through key issues and relate them to contemporary life.
Bianca Papanicolaou

Ideal for gaining a firm grounding in theology. The most valuable thing is that time is available to spend chatting through the issues - especially when you have questions.
Thomas van den Broek

Courses Available

We offer a growing list of Biblical Studies courses and Systematic Theology courses, each of which can be taken individually. For students seeking a more sustained programme of study, our Systematic Theology courses fit together into a single integrated package covering all the major themes in Christian theology.

Biblical Studies

Systematic Theology

Systematic Theology Courses

Our Systematic Theology courses are designed to help you to delve deeply into some of the most significant works of historic Christian theology ever written, including:

We also study some of the best contemporary Reformed evangelical authors, including:

The preparation for each seminar involves reading a portion of the set texts. Study questions are provided to assist with your reading and encourage further reflection. The seminars then provide an opportunity for further reflection, teaching and discussion.

Biblical Studies Courses

Our Biblical Studies courses are designed to take you deeper into the word of God. 

The preparation for each seminar involves studying a portion of the biblical book being studied, completing a series of assignments in the course handouts, and (sometimes) doing some additional reading. The assignments are designed to help you understand the text of Scripture, whilst also provoking further questions. The seminars then provide an opportunity to address these questions, and also for further discussion, teaching and reflection.


We want our courses to be available to anyone who would benefit from them. We therefore keep our fees low: a flat rate of £10 per seminar, with a 50% reduction for full-time students, retired and unwaged.

If these fees would present a barrier to you, please contact us, as additional bursaries may be available. We don't want cost to prevent anyone participating.

If you're already registered for a course and wish to pay course fees by PayPal, please click here.



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