The Book of Daniel

Course code B1.1


This course on the book of Daniel explores a range of exegetical and theological issues arising from this important Old Testament book.

The course consists of six 2-hour seminars over a period of approximately three months. Each seminar requires approximately 2 to 4 hours of preparation. The seminars then provide an opportunity for further discussion and teaching, exploring issues raised in the preparation.

Schedule: Six seminars, begun in February 2015.

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Topics covered in this course include:

1. Overview of the book of Daniel

  • Structure, plot and main themes
  • Purpose

2. Exegesis and biblical theology

  • Detailed exegesis of Daniel 1
  • Detailed exegesis of Daniel 7
  • Identifying and interpreting chiastic structures
  • Identifying and interpreting Leitworte (“leading words”)
  • The “coming” of the Son of Man in the NT

3. Biblical imagery

  • Introduction to the interpretation of biblical imagery
  • Some significant imagery in the book of Daniel (precious metals; iron and clay; chaff; rocks and mountains; trees; beasts; horns and stars)

4. Major theological themes

  • The sovereignty of God and the nations of the world
  • The sovereignty of God and human history
  • The eschatology of Daniel
  • Cultural engagement with the nations of the world

5. History and prophecy

  • Introduction to the exilic historical context
  • Daniel’s prophecies and the significance of intertestamental history


The fees for this course are £60 (£10 per seminar), including all course materials. A 50% reduction is available for students in full-time education, and for retired or unwaged people.

Please contact us if these fees would present a problem for you, as additional bursaries may be available.

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