Rediscovering the Trinity

The 2016 Emmanuel Ministerial Conference

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Recent years have witnessed a renaissance in trinitarian theology, with a steady trickle of scholarly and popular books seeking to rearticulate this vital doctrine.

Yet far from exhausting the subject, these renewed studies have raised a plethora of new questions, revealing how much remains for the church in our day to discover about our Triune God.

Today, more than ever before, it is vital for church leaders to gain a theologically nuanced, historically informed, and pastorally sensitive grasp of this central mystery of our faith.

The Emmanuel Ministerial Conference takes place on Monday 14 March 2016. It is designed for Ministers, Elders and Theological Students, and will build upon the Emmanuel Church Conference (which takes place the previous Saturday), seeking to explore these themes in more depth.



Rediscovering the Trinity, lecture 1

Peter Leithart

Rediscovering the Trinity, lecture 2

Peter Leithart

Rediscovering the Trinity, lecture 3

Peter Leithart

Rediscovering the Trinity, lecture 4

Peter Leithart