The Purpose of Christian Worship

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What are we supposed to do at church? Why? What do our Sunday services achieve? Are they just a pick-me-up, a weekly meeting for mutual encouragement? Who is the music for? And what about the Lord’s Supper: is it simply a weekly (or monthly? or quarterly) spiritual boost?

What exactly did Jesus have in mind when he said of his church, "The gates of hell shall not prevail against it"?

The Theopolis InstituteA conference at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Bolton, Lancashire, on The Purpose of Christian Worship, jointly sponsored by Trinity Presbyterian Church in Bolton, Lancashire and the Theopolis Institute.

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Christian Worship (1) The King's Gifts

Peter Leithart

Christian Worship (4) Following the King

Peter Leithart

Christian Worship (3) At the King's Table

Peter Leithart

Christian Worship (2) Acclaiming the King

Peter Leithart